Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Red Fish Books

Skyline zine 2009. 210 x 75mm. 8 pages. Inkjet print on tracing paper. By Megan Herring

Sewn City 2008. Hard cover concertina book, 160 x 80mm, Single page 160 x 800mm. Digital print from hand sewn original. By Megan Herring

Utopian Cities, 2009. 140 x 105mm. 18 pages. Colour copy prints from collage originals. Cities of wood, water, stone, steel. By Megan Herring

Home Furnishings Manual, 2010. An 8 page Japanese Bound mini book 130 x 105mm. Colour cover with black/White pages. Documenting all the necessities of furnishing the home. By Megan Herring

Home Furnishings Manual Pocket, 2008. An A4 colour copy fold-out page in a 100 x 75mm pocket. By Megan Herring

What's in stock in Hand Held's shop

This new blog is to record and document work that is on display in the 'Hand Held' Gallery shop. Much of the work held in the gallery on consignment is limited addition or unique work so there is no guarantee that work on this blog will still be available when you come in to the gallery. That's part of this blog - to record work that is just passing through - whether it sells or goes back to it's maker it has been a part of the gallery and its collection.