Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little Red Fish Books

Skyline zine 2009. 210 x 75mm. 8 pages. Inkjet print on tracing paper. By Megan Herring

Sewn City 2008. Hard cover concertina book, 160 x 80mm, Single page 160 x 800mm. Digital print from hand sewn original. By Megan Herring

Utopian Cities, 2009. 140 x 105mm. 18 pages. Colour copy prints from collage originals. Cities of wood, water, stone, steel. By Megan Herring

Home Furnishings Manual, 2010. An 8 page Japanese Bound mini book 130 x 105mm. Colour cover with black/White pages. Documenting all the necessities of furnishing the home. By Megan Herring

Home Furnishings Manual Pocket, 2008. An A4 colour copy fold-out page in a 100 x 75mm pocket. By Megan Herring

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